Installation services

Service quality is an essential aspect for Weber Communications is why we listen and study in detail all the features of the projects of our clients so that nothing can fail and have the service contract in the best conditions.
Our Policy on Prevention of Risks is set to the current regulations and is strictly enforced at each intervention. We want that interventions are always optimal and cause minimum interference with the activity of our customers.
And of course, the quality will always coupled with a highly qualified and experienced technical staff, so that our technicians installers have the approval of the Ministry of Industry and wide projection in the sector to adapt to any project with guarantees to offer quality service..


In terms of prevention and maintenance, we have a national platform that enables us to keep track and monitor maintenance periods and plans of installed systems, as well as all procedures. These tasks are essential to avoid unexpected that can end up being very costly for businesses, so Weber Communications ensures a service that gives full support to your IT infrastructure to worry of possible problems. Our availability is total, and allow the customer to report any incident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are committed to provide a solution to your problems whatever the time and situation in which these are met. We have a wide array of professionals allows us to intervene when required with all necessary means to address the issues. All our professionals have the approval of the Ministry of Industry and extensive experience in the IT sector to ensure the success of interventions.

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If you wear contact us study any proposal on telecommunications and IT to detail to offer the best possible solution. Our years of experience and available resources behind us as a reference in the sector. Trust Weber Communications technology if you want to take your business to the next level.