Support for large projects

Our organizational structure and infrastructure nationwide allows us to undertake large projects holistically. We are able to deal with all kinds of services in the area of telecommunications and IT whatever the size, sector or organizational features that rely on our services.
With over ten years of experience behind us, we have enough baggage to put ourselves in the customer’s situation and know exactly the solution you need at all times.
Our wide array of media allows us to be present throughout the country offering a comprehensive and high quality support where needed.
The human and material resources available to us make us a viable option for large national corporations that delegate us your technical expansion throughout the country..

Human Media extensive tour for the best support

In Weber Communications know that technology, as in any other field, the staff is most important and what makes the difference between a bad, good or excellent service.
We Telecommunications Engineers, Installers Exterior Floor, Hardware and Software Specialist, System Integrators, Commercial, logistics equipment and outlets available to you find everything you need in our service.
Since 2003 we have been working with professionals in broad technological background constant training and updating to continually at the forefront of IT services. Only in this way can ensure companies will have a value added service, and for us this aspect is one of the cornerstones of our organization.