Building everyday success of our customers

In Weber Communications do not see technology as a cost of business, but as an investment for the future that ensures the continued growth and improvement of organizations. We know that IT is now a fundamental strategic aspect of the need to take advantage and stay ahead if it is to be fully competitive whatever the sector of activity of the company. Therefore, our vision as a company is to become a comprehensive supplier that offers the best solutions to our customers to have a powerful enough to become a business advantage over the competition technological support..

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the best specialized and efficient solutions at the lowest possible cost. Only in this way will get the full process improvement and cost savings to keep our customers in the line of success that we promote from Weber Communications.
We offer any company a wide range of services evolving and update according to market needs and the latest technological advances, always directing all our offer to generate the maximum return on our clients.

Our Vision

Our goals could not be achieved without a vision to give us perspective. Our sights are focused mainly on two fundamental horizons.

  • To be the leader in management and telecommunications services nationwide company.
  • Meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction "


    The customer is our reason for being. . Therefore we direct all our work system service customization and optimization of the solutions we employ to achieve maximum satisfaction
    Our basic pillars on which we base our business are:

    • Reception and customer orientation.
    • Ethics, transparency (accountability) and professionalism.
    • High quality service and lower costs.
    • warranty service.
    • Teamwork and continuous improvement.
    • A commitment of all staff and offices in the business plan and achieving goals.